“What kind of thinker would you become if…”


“Talks a lot”

Peter Coyote, quoted in Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock And Out

“Treatise of the Age”

– David Walley, Teenage Nervous Breakdownn: Music and Politics in the Post-Elvis Age (1998)

High Priest of PopCult

Distant Early Warning

DVD Diamond

Annotated Finnegan

via McLuhan Galaxy

Raised By a Genius

“The black-and-white photos, many of which have never been published, gave an intimate peek into the daily routine of the media prophet, who was 54 at the time. “They show Marshall shovelling snow… Continue reading

“A pretty smart guy”

Huffington Post, The Ultimate Digital Vengeance

Lightning Storm

Goodreads user review of Culture is Our Business

The Last Book

The Milwaukee Journal, Apr 7, 1971

Electric Company

“What makes the Tower of Pisa lean?” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct 21, 1971

Environmental Artist

“Don ‘t underestimate him. His less than coherent verbal effusions may sound like the cryptic emanations of the Delphic oracle, but they may also foreshadow some horrors ahead.” The Telegraph, Mar 30, 1967

Counterblast Delay

The Phoenix, Nov 26, 1969 “…found in the railway station… reduced… to a pile of cinders.”

Unsteady Chair

The Windsor Star, Sep 8, 1967


The Miami News, Jun 23, 1980

Kennedy Understood

New York, Nov. 28, 1988

Q &

Virtual Every Body

MM Quotation Generator


“In way over his head”

NatPost: Tories launch the first strike, but Trudeau wins the point

Dropping Science

Not worth the paper it’s printed on

Maclean’s Sept. 1967

MM as ghost-writer[?] and cover subject of Maclean’s, Sept 1967.

“A sensuous crossing of the generation gap”

The Montreal Gazette, Aug 18, 1970

“Who holds the deadly key to the house of cards?”

The Leader-Post, Jun 14, 1971

“Ablest Punster in Seven Languages”

The Indian Express, Jan 20, 1941

Utter Nonsense and Gibberish

The Montreal Gazette, Feb 4, 1939

Reagan: “McLuhan was right”

Lakeland Ledger, Mar 24, 1977

For Your Television Viewing Pleasure

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Aug 16, 1976

Ham Operator Tunes in Mars

Lawrence Journal-World, Sep 29, 1976

Space Shuttle Project Delayed

The Phoenix, Nov 6, 1979

The McLuhan Market

The Victoria Advocate, Jul 20, 1986

“White House Trying the McLuhan Method”

Times Daily, Aug 5, 1970

McLuhan Graffiti

Art Buchwald, Lawrence Journal-World, May 6, 1967

Dean Martin, Brain Surgery, etc.

The News-Dispatch, Nov 28, 1967

Clothes as Costumes

Ann Landers, The Portsmouth Times, Jun 14, 1968 (scroll up required)

Predicts Depression

The Calgary Herald, Sep 29, 1967

Birth of the Call Girl

St. Petersburg Times, Dec 9, 1975