Televised Liturgy

The Montreal Gazette, Jun 8, 1973 Advertisements

Rough theorizing

I like some of Lambert’s play-by-play synopses, but this isn’t even in the ballpark, is it?

Phrasemaking Yokels

Life Magazine, Feb 1966

Left a Message


Daily Bath

The silence is deafening

Art For Um @50 – part two

Bob Dobbs and Scott Woods discuss ArtForum‘s 50th anniversary issue, a secret — unknown to the editors even — tribute to McLuhan. PART ONE: PART TWO: PART THREE: PART FOUR: PART FIVE:

Lonely Planet Boy

The ’70s

#media #theory

Google Poetics

Android memeism in action.

Al Gore vs. Ron Rosenbaum

“Then he tells his rapt Red Herring audience: ‘Now let me take the metaphor to a slightly higher level.’ (Fasten your seatbelts –- Al Gore is gonna take you on a trip, man.… Continue reading

“Another nail into the coffin lid”

Kenneth Tynan, profile of Johnny Carson in the New Yorker, Feb 1978

“I used to have a confidence…”

– Norman Mailer, letter to Diana Trilling, 1966

Cultural Annihilation

William Irwin Thompson, Coming Into Being: Artifacts and Texts in the Evolution of Consciousness

Art For Um @50 – part one

“New York Art World Grapples With McLuhan 32 Years After Canadian Media Guru’s Death. Details at 11.”

Hot & Cold

And don’t think that television sets will run all day…

Billboard editorial, May 20, 1944

Tuning the World, a “Top Priority”

R. Murray Schafer, The Tuning of the World (The Soundscape) (1977)

Marshall & Madge

via Salon, April 2003

The Distance Between Ones

“It’s the distance between ones that determines tension-and-release in 4/4, because whereas in African music the separate rhythms are played apart from each other, American funk has been characterized by crossing rhythms within… Continue reading

Got no Clue

Victor Bockris, Transformer: The Lou Reed Story

Mailer, McLuhan, and Muggeridge,

From Paul Krassner‘s The Realist, #83, Oct. ’68. Read full transcript.

MM & Beatles (VIII)

The Beatles and McLuhan: Understanding the Electric Age , Thomas MacFarlane

Used Books

Currently a steal on eBay – US $45.00

Trudeau Mk II

The critical question facing the Canadian electorate today, obviously.

White Light

[Interview w/Sterling Morrison, from All Yesterdays’ Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-71, Clinton Heylin] {note: he’s referring to The Medium is the Massage}

Arguing Comics


From Cliché to Archetype,  p. 83

Random Access Memories

  Promo clip for new Daft Punk LP.  

Atwood if she Could

Rationalizing Becoming Stupid

Pauline Kael, Deeper Into Movies, 1972

Psychology of Unobstructed Need

Peter Manso, Mailer: His Life and Times

Tormenting the Vitals of a Generation

Norman Mailer, The Spooky Art: Thoughts on Writing


Why Are We in Vietnam? x 2

Norman Mailer, Why Are We in Vietnam, 1967

King of Pop

Montreal Gazette obit

The Montreal Gazette – Jan 2, 1981

TV Guide

TV Guide, March ’67, with writeup on ‘This is Marshall McLuhan’ (via McLuhan Galaxy)

“Dreadful World of McLuhan”

The Evening Independent, Feb 27, 1969 (full article)