Letters to LIFE, March ’66


Eric Hoffer’s belt buckle

World Symposium on Humanity

Necessity of a liberal education

“Among others…” Hmmm… (Texas Monthly, March 1979)

“Improbable historical and literary analogies”

Robo Wash

“What can a child learn from a teacher than he can not learn from a machine?”

“Alive and in cracking form”

New Scientist, November 10, 1977

Vibrating New Tingle Shaper

“The whole matrix of sensory experience is instructive…” (Ebony, January 1974)

McLuhan Restaurant

The Last Poet(s)(?)

Vernon Gibbs reviews the Last Poets in Black World/Negro Digest, 1971.

“Another Guru Gone Goofy”

{Mother Jones, November 1976}

“Instructional and entertaining possibilities”

Medium is the Massage LP reviewed in Billboard

Billboard, July 22, 1967

MM & Anne Bogart (II)

“I’ve been a McLuhan fan for years. Everybody thought he was crazy, and it’s all happened as he predicted.” While some viewers may have trouble detecting its central conceit, “The Medium” takes place… Continue reading

Friday Flickr Finds

MM & Billy Graham & Elvis

“When Graham preached, he held people rapt to an extent that no one could match until Elvis. But there was a bit of Marshall McLuhan in Graham as well, because Graham was the… Continue reading

MM & Beatles (VII)

The Invisible Environment: The Future of an Erosion

Murphy Brown

The Medium (MM & Anne Bogart)

Point of view

Psychedelic Furs, “No Tears” (1981)

Bring the Noise

{Letter to Jacqueline Tyrwhitt, Dec 23, 1960}

MM & Nixon (I)

{from Joe McGinnis’s The Selling of the President, 1969}

MM & the Sex Pistols

Ira Robbins’s Sex Pistols roundup in Trouser Press: Although their importance — both to the direction of contemporary music and more generally to pop culture — can hardly be overstated, the Sex Pistols… Continue reading

MM & Meltzer (II)

Meltzer on McLuhan, from my interview with Meltzer at rockcritics.com in 2000. Obviously, if I had the chance again, I’d ask these questions somewhat differently, press him on the stuff he gets completely… Continue reading

MM & Beatles (VII)

MM & Dylan (VII) (Audio)

Bob Dobbs explains Dylan’s (subconscious?) understanding of MM as demonstrated in his 1978 Playboy interview with Ron Rosenbaum. PLAYBOY: OK. Given the personalities involved, how do you define the relation ship between you,… Continue reading

MM & Townshend: “See Me, Feel Me”

– Pete Townshend, Rolling Stone, July 12, 1969

MM & Daniel Schorr (letter to Rolling Stone)

Jan 13, 1977

MM & Duke Ellington (“Afro-Eurasian Eclipse”)

– Harvey G. Cohen, Duke Ellington’s America, 2010

“No idea what McLuhan meant…”

– John English, Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau: 1968-2000

Mediums & Messages

MM & Spiro Agnew (& Punk)

– Nicholas Rombes, A Cultural Dictionary of Punk, 1974-1982 (2009)

MM & Dylan (VI)

(From No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan, by Robert Shelton. Regarding MM’s attendance at a Dylan concert in ’74. Repeat: MM’s attendance at a Dylan concert in ’74! To… Continue reading

MM & Christgau (II)

“What makes it even more discomforting is that our former National Pastime has become square. McLuhan and his minions in the big media have almost delegitimized it, and with reason. Baseball is an… Continue reading

Listen: “No one had ever talked that way before”

“…the only person I think I’d ever known up to that time who could, in one sentence, talk about the Hollywood westerns, Plato, and Socrates, and then, still in the same sentence, go… Continue reading

MM & Dylan (V)

(From The Letters of Marshall McLuhan; oddly, “Dylan, Bob” is missing from the index.)

MM & Meltzer (I)

– Richard Meltzer, The Aesthetics of Rock, 1970

History as She is Harped…

p.108/108 The Medium is the Massage Listen: History as her is harped Look: RITE/ROTE is a reflexive exercise in all things interwebz.

MM & Warhol (III)

“Now it was clear that there were two types of people doing counterculture-type things — the ones who wanted to be commercial and successful and move right up into the mainstream of society… Continue reading

“I met McLuhan only once…”

“I met McLuhan only once, on a Toronto radio panel in the 60′s, and I managed to make him sulk visibly for a brief moment before I hastened to smooth things over out… Continue reading