MM & Kubrick (I)

“2001 is a non-verbal experience; out of two hours and 19 minutes of film, there are only less than 40 minutes of dialogue. I tried to create a visual experience, one that bypasses… Continue reading

MM & Beatles (VI) + Dylan (IV)

– Ian MacDonald, Revolution in the Head: The Beatles Records and the Sixties, 1994

MM & Eno (II)

(From Brian Eno: His Music And The Vertical Color Of Sound, Eric Enno Tamm, 1995)

Burroughs, Print

(from William Burroughs interview, Rolling Stone, May 1972)

TV Tactility

(MM letter to Trudeau, June 12, 1968)

“More towards McLuhan than Rap Brown”

“Sly definitely has something to say. He stands strong among the young innovators of today, the young revolutionaries. But Sly’s revolution is more towards Marshall McLuhan than, say, Rap Brown. His field is… Continue reading

MM Untwists “The Twist”

MM: “As a matter of fact, we’re not very far from [twisting] right now. We’re in a state of agitated conversation, in which we’re getting pretty close to twist. All we have to… Continue reading

MM & Beatles (V) (“Organized stutter”)

(From Albert Goldman’s The Lives of John Lennon)

“Flashing psychedelic news images”

(from The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman)

‘Rock Eras’ index excerpt

Index excerpt from Jim Curtis, Rock Eras: Interpretations of Music & Society, 1954-1984 (Likely the most McLuhan-friendly rock text in existence. I’ve never laid eyes on the thing… more to come.)

“The inside is the outside”

(From Interviews with Dwight MacDonald [Conversations With Public Intellectuals], 2003) Note: the “he” referred to above = Buck E. Fuller.

“Popular culture”

(From Interviews with Dwight MacDonald [Conversations With Public Intellectuals], 2003)

“Smarter than the two of them put together

“I met Mailer a couple times, in 1970. He knew who I was. We knew some of the same people — Leslie Fiedler for one, the glib author of Love and Death In… Continue reading

“He was a Luddite…”

“McLuhan, aside from being wrong (for God’s sake he thought that TV demanded full sensory participation from the viewer), was steeped in an ancient European tradition; he was a disciple of Aquinas. On… Continue reading

“As good as being banned in Boston”

“I don’t want to sound uncharitable about my critics. Indeed, I appreciate their attention. After all, a man’s detractors work for him tirelessly and for free. It’s as good as being banned in… Continue reading

MM & Warhol (II)

(From Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up, Bob Colacello)

MM & Dylan (III)

p. 106 from The Medium is the Massage

MM & Beatles (IV)

– Marshall McLuhan and Harley Parker, Counterblast

MM & Beatles (III)

(From Rolling Stone, October 1968)

MM & Eno (I): Two Technologies

Eno, Rolling Stone interview, September 1974

“Medium Sized Animal”

New York Rocker ad, March 1981

“Carved out a topic virtually by naming it”

“Thanks to television, Theodore White explained, ‘one sees the event in the now… the cop beating the rioter over the head… There is a jazz to the immediate news which is unsettling, and… Continue reading

“An analysis of the social and psychological pressure…”

[Inleaf from used copy of TMB.]

MM & Dylan (II)

“People ask me about the ’60s all the time. That’s the first thing they want to know. I say, if you want to know about the ’60s, read Armies of the Night by… Continue reading

MM & Warhol (I)

– from Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up (Bob Colacello)

MM & Auden (I)

(from Philip Marchand‘s The Medium and the Messenger) {via McLuhan on Maui, the actual transcript}

Get Lost

“I remember feeling more than once if the title of any of McLuhan’s essays were to get lost, no one would be able to say, from reading the essay, what it had actually… Continue reading

MM & Beatles (II) – “War is Over”

In a discussion filmed in Missisauga, Ontario on December 19th 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono spoke about their latest peace effort– the controversial ‘War Is Over’ billboard campaign. The interview was conducted… Continue reading


MM & Dylan (I): “Something is Happening”

p. 104-105 from The Medium is the Massage

MM & Christgau (I)

“It is by creating a mood that asks ‘Why should this mean anything?’ that the so-called rock poets can really write poetry — poetry that not only says something, but says it as… Continue reading

Australian TV, ca 1977

Marshall McLuhan debates his ideas on Australian TV in 1977. “Towards the end of the program the always unpredictable McLuhan can be heard just off-mic, saying to Moore, ‘I’m terribly sorry, but I’m… Continue reading

MM & Beatles (I): “Perfect McLuhanites”

“With their uncanny clone-like similarity and by all talking chattily at once, the Beatles introduced to the cultural lexicon several key Sixties motifs in one go: ‘mass’-ness, ‘working-class’ informality, cheery street scepticism, and… Continue reading

Good Taste

McLuhan on 45

Jon Savage in an April 2009 record roundup from his blog: Published the same month (March 1967) that The Velvet Underground and Nico was released, Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium Is The Message [sic]… Continue reading

MM & Tom Wolfe (I)

“Suppose he is what he sounds like, the most important thinker since Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein, and Pavlov… the oracle of the modern times… what if he is right?” – Tom Wolfe, 1965,… Continue reading