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Electric Company

“What makes the Tower of Pisa lean?” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct 21, 1971

For Your Television Viewing Pleasure

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Aug 16, 1976

Televised Liturgy

The Montreal Gazette, Jun 8, 1973

Rough theorizing

I like some of Lambert’s play-by-play synopses, but this isn’t even in the ballpark, is it?

“Another nail into the coffin lid”

Kenneth Tynan, profile of Johnny Carson in the New Yorker, Feb 1978

And don’t think that television sets will run all day…

Billboard editorial, May 20, 1944

Rationalizing Becoming Stupid

Pauline Kael, Deeper Into Movies, 1972

Tormenting the Vitals of a Generation

Norman Mailer, The Spooky Art: Thoughts on Writing


TV Guide

TV Guide, March ’67, with writeup on ‘This is Marshall McLuhan’ (via McLuhan Galaxy)

Murphy Brown

MM & Meltzer (II)

Meltzer on McLuhan, from my interview with Meltzer at in 2000. Obviously, if I had the chance again, I’d ask these questions somewhat differently, press him on the stuff he gets completely… Continue reading

MM & Daniel Schorr (letter to Rolling Stone)

Jan 13, 1977

MM & Spiro Agnew (& Punk)

– Nicholas Rombes, A Cultural Dictionary of Punk, 1974-1982 (2009)

TV Tactility

(MM letter to Trudeau, June 12, 1968)

“Flashing psychedelic news images”

(from The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman)

“Carved out a topic virtually by naming it”

“Thanks to television, Theodore White explained, ‘one sees the event in the now… the cop beating the rioter over the head… There is a jazz to the immediate news which is unsettling, and… Continue reading