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“Treatise of the Age”

– David Walley, Teenage Nervous Breakdownn: Music and Politics in the Post-Elvis Age (1998) Advertisements

Got no Clue

Victor Bockris, Transformer: The Lou Reed Story

White Light

[Interview w/Sterling Morrison, from All Yesterdays’ Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-71, Clinton Heylin] {note: he’s referring to The Medium is the Massage}

King of Pop

The Last Poet(s)(?)

Vernon Gibbs reviews the Last Poets in Black World/Negro Digest, 1971.

Medium is the Massage LP reviewed in Billboard

Billboard, July 22, 1967

MM & Beatles (VII)

The Invisible Environment: The Future of an Erosion

MM & Meltzer (II)

Meltzer on McLuhan, from my interview with Meltzer at in 2000. Obviously, if I had the chance again, I’d ask these questions somewhat differently, press him on the stuff he gets completely… Continue reading

MM & Beatles (VII)

MM & Dylan (VII) (Audio)

Bob Dobbs explains Dylan’s (subconscious?) understanding of MM as demonstrated in his 1978 Playboy interview with Ron Rosenbaum. PLAYBOY: OK. Given the personalities involved, how do you define the relation ship between you,… Continue reading

MM & Townshend: “See Me, Feel Me”

– Pete Townshend, Rolling Stone, July 12, 1969

MM & Dylan (VI)

(From No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan, by Robert Shelton. Regarding MM’s attendance at a Dylan concert in ’74. Repeat: MM’s attendance at a Dylan concert in ’74! To… Continue reading

MM & Dylan (V)

(From The Letters of Marshall McLuhan; oddly, “Dylan, Bob” is missing from the index.)

MM & Meltzer (I)

– Richard Meltzer, The Aesthetics of Rock, 1970

MM & Beatles (VI) + Dylan (IV)

– Ian MacDonald, Revolution in the Head: The Beatles Records and the Sixties, 1994

MM & Eno (II)

(From Brian Eno: His Music And The Vertical Color Of Sound, Eric Enno Tamm, 1995)

“More towards McLuhan than Rap Brown”

“Sly definitely has something to say. He stands strong among the young innovators of today, the young revolutionaries. But Sly’s revolution is more towards Marshall McLuhan than, say, Rap Brown. His field is… Continue reading

MM Untwists “The Twist”

MM: “As a matter of fact, we’re not very far from [twisting] right now. We’re in a state of agitated conversation, in which we’re getting pretty close to twist. All we have to… Continue reading

‘Rock Eras’ index excerpt

Index excerpt from Jim Curtis, Rock Eras: Interpretations of Music & Society, 1954-1984 (Likely the most McLuhan-friendly rock text in existence. I’ve never laid eyes on the thing… more to come.)

MM & Dylan (III)

p. 106 from The Medium is the Massage

MM & Beatles (IV)

– Marshall McLuhan and Harley Parker, Counterblast

MM & Beatles (III)

(From Rolling Stone, October 1968)

MM & Eno (I): Two Technologies

Eno, Rolling Stone interview, September 1974

“Medium Sized Animal”

New York Rocker ad, March 1981

MM & Dylan (II)

“People ask me about the ’60s all the time. That’s the first thing they want to know. I say, if you want to know about the ’60s, read Armies of the Night by… Continue reading

MM & Auden (I)

(from Philip Marchand‘s The Medium and the Messenger) {via McLuhan on Maui, the actual transcript}

MM & Beatles (II) – “War is Over”

In a discussion filmed in Missisauga, Ontario on December 19th 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono spoke about their latest peace effort– the controversial ‘War Is Over’ billboard campaign. The interview was conducted… Continue reading

MM & Dylan (I): “Something is Happening”

p. 104-105 from The Medium is the Massage

MM & Christgau (I)

“It is by creating a mood that asks ‘Why should this mean anything?’ that the so-called rock poets can really write poetry — poetry that not only says something, but says it as… Continue reading

MM & Beatles (I): “Perfect McLuhanites”

“With their uncanny clone-like similarity and by all talking chattily at once, the Beatles introduced to the cultural lexicon several key Sixties motifs in one go: ‘mass’-ness, ‘working-class’ informality, cheery street scepticism, and… Continue reading

McLuhan on 45

Jon Savage in an April 2009 record roundup from his blog: Published the same month (March 1967) that The Velvet Underground and Nico was released, Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium Is The Message [sic]… Continue reading