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Rationalizing Becoming Stupid

Pauline Kael, Deeper Into Movies, 1972 Advertisements

“I met McLuhan only once…”

“I met McLuhan only once, on a Toronto radio panel in the 60′s, and I managed to make him sulk visibly for a brief moment before I hastened to smooth things over out… Continue reading

MM & Kubrick (I)

“2001 is a non-verbal experience; out of two hours and 19 minutes of film, there are only less than 40 minutes of dialogue. I tried to create a visual experience, one that bypasses… Continue reading

“Carved out a topic virtually by naming it”

“Thanks to television, Theodore White explained, ‘one sees the event in the now… the cop beating the rioter over the head… There is a jazz to the immediate news which is unsettling, and… Continue reading