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Art For Um @50 – part two

Bob Dobbs and Scott Woods discuss ArtForum‘s 50th anniversary issue, a secret — unknown to the editors even — tribute to McLuhan. PART ONE: PART TWO: PART THREE: PART FOUR: PART FIVE: Advertisements

MM & Dylan (VII) (Audio)

Bob Dobbs explains Dylan’s (subconscious?) understanding of MM as demonstrated in his 1978 Playboy interview with Ron Rosenbaum. PLAYBOY: OK. Given the personalities involved, how do you define the relation ship between you,… Continue reading

Listen: “No one had ever talked that way before”

“…the only person I think I’d ever known up to that time who could, in one sentence, talk about the Hollywood westerns, Plato, and Socrates, and then, still in the same sentence, go… Continue reading

History as She is Harped…

p.108/108 The Medium is the Massage Listen: History as her is harped Look: RITE/ROTE is a reflexive exercise in all things interwebz.

McLuhan on 45

Jon Savage in an April 2009 record roundup from his blog: Published the same month (March 1967) that The Velvet Underground and Nico was released, Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium Is The Message [sic]… Continue reading