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“In way over his head”

NatPost: Tories launch the first strike, but Trudeau wins the point

Not worth the paper it’s printed on

Maclean’s Sept. 1967

MM as ghost-writer[?] and cover subject of Maclean’s, Sept 1967.

For Your Television Viewing Pleasure

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Aug 16, 1976

Left a Message

World Symposium on Humanity

Robo Wash

“What can a child learn from a teacher than he can not learn from a machine?”

Vibrating New Tingle Shaper

“The whole matrix of sensory experience is instructive…” (Ebony, January 1974)

The Last Poet(s)(?)

Vernon Gibbs reviews the Last Poets in Black World/Negro Digest, 1971.

“Instructional and entertaining possibilities”

Friday Flickr Finds

The Medium (MM & Anne Bogart)

MM & Daniel Schorr (letter to Rolling Stone)

Jan 13, 1977

“Medium Sized Animal”

New York Rocker ad, March 1981