MM & the Sex Pistols

Ira Robbins’s Sex Pistols roundup in Trouser Press:

Although their importance — both to the direction of contemporary music and more generally to pop culture — can hardly be overstated, the Sex Pistols did not make their stand primarily on albums. In fact, the massive discography notwithstanding, the Pistols made only one actual studio album during their fourteen-month existence (November 1976 to January 1978). In a textbook McLuhanesque example of the media being the message, the quartet’s impact did not result from vast commercial success; against the general rock tide, most of their revolutionary work was released on 7-inch singles.

Not much to chew on here, but it does bring two immediate questions to mind:
1) Did McLuhan himself ever mention punk rock?
2) Was Malcolm McLaren a student of Marshall McLuhan? (The Situationist connection is well-documented, obviously.)