MM & Dylan (VII) (Audio)

Bob Dobbs explains Dylan’s (subconscious?) understanding of MM as demonstrated in his 1978 Playboy interview with Ron Rosenbaum.

PLAYBOY: OK. Given the personalities involved, how do you define the relation ship between you, your personal life, and the film [Renaldo & Clara]?
DYLAN: No different from Hitchcock making a movie. I am the overseer.

PLAYBOY: Overseeing various versions of yourself?
DYLAN: Well, certain truths I know. Not necessarily myself but a certain accumulation of experience that has become real to me and a knowledge that I acquired on the road.

PLAYBOY: And what are those truths?
DYLAN: One is that if you try to be anyone but yourself, you will fail; if you are not true to your own heart, you will fail. Then again, there’s no success like failure

PLAYBOY: And failure’s no success at all.
DYLAN: Oh, well, we’re not looking to succeed. Just by our being and acting alive, we succeed. You fail only when you let death creep in and take over a part of your life that should be alive.

PLAYBOY: How does death creep in?
DYLAN: Death don’t come knocking at the door. It’s there in the morning when you wake up.

PLAYBOY: How is it there?
DYLAN: Did you ever clip your fingernails, cut your hair? Then you experience death.

Full Dobbs/Woods discussion available here.