MM & Beatles (II) – “War is Over”

In a discussion filmed in Missisauga, Ontario on December 19th 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono spoke about their latest peace effort– the controversial ‘War Is Over’ billboard campaign. The interview was conducted by author and media theorist Marshall McLuhan.

McLUHAN: “Five years ago, when you first came to Toronto with the Beatles, there was a news conference. I remember asking a question using radio taping. All of you gave three word answers. A reporter said, ‘Don’t you guys answer anything more than a minute’ And somebody said, ‘What is he, a wise guy or something?’ –Ringo or somebody. Did you change a lot in five years?”

JOHN: “Well, those days the questions weren’t sort of anything to give a lot of long answers to, really. And there was more pressure, and people were always wisecracking to us, you know. Especially journalists and newscasters. I mean, they’re all satyrical with one eyebrow raised and all that. So we answered them in the vein that we were asked, you know.”